4 Ways FuelGuard Can Enhance Fuel Storage and Management

Due to the increasing value of fuel, it may be one of the most valuable assets at your site. This makes the storage and management of fuels at your facility an important part of business operations. With so many factors that can impact the efficiency of your fuel storage, we’ve developed FuelGuard to facilitate optimal wet stock management.

FuelGuard is a remote cloud monitoring equipment for your tank gauging system which can be implemented in both above and below ground tanks to provide accurate readings and alerts.

Here are 4 ways in which FuelGuard can take your storage to the next level:

1. Superior Connectivity

In a world where information is easily accessible, fuel tank information should be just as quick and simple to access. With FuelGuard, you can check your fuel inventory anywhere at any time. Whether you usually monitor from a work computer or would like to check your stock at home on your mobile device, FuelGuard has got you covered!

The ability to swiftly access real-time data is great for making informed business decisions on the go and for generally improving your peace of mind.

2. Improved Ease of Maintenance

Storage tank maintenance is essential, with older tanks requiring particular attention. Alongside a regular maintenance and cleaning routine, our equipment helps with preventative maintenance by giving you measurements for temperature, pressure and volume levels. This in turn provides insights into the condition of the tank and its equipment.

3. Upgraded Risk Management

Leak prevention is a necessity for fuel storage as the consequences of an undetected leak can not only be costly, but also damaging to the environment. Luckily, FuelGuard features acute monitoring of tank levels, notifying you and raising an alarm if unexpected tank volume movement is identified.

This protects you from not only leaks but also any opportunistic fuel thieves, giving you the chance to act quick to stop these threats.

4. Compliance Assurance

By keeping accurate reports on your fuel inventory which includes details on usage and volumes, you will have evidence at hand for any regulatory submissions or audits. This comprehensive record of measurements are ready to ensure you are compliant with standards and regulations if called upon.

Ready To Start Upgrading Your Operations?

If improved connectivity, easier maintenance and optimal risk management would benefit your fuel storage, then FuelGuard is the solution! Our system is suitable for use with a variety of substances such as petrol, oil, diesel, gas oil, liquids and much more.

With our experience in the Veeder Root TLS range, we can help your business find the perfect tank gauging system for your requirements. Simply contact our support team and we can discuss the most cost-efficient option for you.