4 Ways our Tank Gauging Systems Can Help your Site

Is your site plagued by the worry of product loss or inaccurate readings affecting the efficiency of your tank storage? Bulk liquid storage tanks provide a practical way for businesses to hold their valuable stock, but what if you could get more out of your measurement methods? That’s where FuelGuard comes in!

We specialise in automatic tank gauging systems that give sites comprehensive data for advanced asset management. If you are looking to revolutionise your tank storage, here are 4 benefits of implementing one of our tank gauging systems.

1. Get Complete Control

Our systems give you precise volume and temperature measurements that you can access 24/7, from anywhere. This convenient access is particularly useful for managers of multiple sites, or simply those who are constantly on the go.

The days of waiting for a manual reading from an employee without the certainty of an accurate reading are long gone! With FuelGuard, instant readings give you the data you need for full control over your inventory.

2. Meet Supply Objectives

As mentioned, liquid storage tanks play a key role in a supply chain, and incidents such as product loss can put a halt on business leading to profit deficiencies. However this is easily preventable!

Our sophisticated monitoring equipment detects any unexpected movement on tank volume and an alarm is raised to notify you of product loss before it becomes a huge problem. Whether the cause is a leak or theft, FuelGuard gives you optimal risk management to keep your business moving.

3. Reduce Downtime

Automatic tank gauging systems can help you minimise downtime at your site in 2 ways. Firstly, with the ability to receive notifications when a product reaches critical levels, you can always keep on top of refilling and maintaining an efficient product flow.

Secondly, when compared to manual tank gauging, there is less need for human interference in terms of testing and measurements which can lead to a pause in operations.

4. Maintain Site Safety

Keep your workplace safe with overfill protection that gives you instant notifications of any potential problems. Many above and below ground tanks hold substances such as petrol, diesel, oil and other products that can cause harm to human health and the environment if released.

Get the ultimate peace of mind with our automatic tank gauging system and never be caught out by overfills which can cause tank damage, spills or sprays.

Enhance your Business Performance

Your business could benefit from an efficient automatic tank gauging system to transform and improve efficiency across your site. Say goodbye to the overwhelming worry of stock inadequacies and security risks with an automatic process that will give you full monitoring at your fingertips.

Our Veeder Root TLS range of tank gauging systems incorporates FuelGuard’s remote cloud monitoring equipment and has been specially curated with reliability, accuracy and durability at the forefront. Plus, provided alongside the supply and installation of your system is our maintenance services, for long-term productivity.

Start your journey towards improved operations and get in touch with our team here.