How Automatic Tank Gauging Improves Employee Safety

When it comes to working with the storage of substances in tanks, it is a given that safety is paramount. Especially when hazardous substances are involved, it is a business’s responsibility to keep employees protected and never compromise their safety.

However, there are still cases of facilities using manual tank gauging as their preferred measurement technique at the detriment of their employees. Although it may be a method used for years, there are risks associated with manual gauging that are causing accidents and deaths for workers.

Particularly in the US, there have been recent fatalities which are a result of workers inhaling dangerous gases. Activists are now urging businesses in the oil and gas industry to put safety at the forefront and move away from outdated manual tank gauging processes.

The Risks Of Manual Tank Gauging

Hydrocarbon Gas Inhalation
For tanks that store substances such as crude oils and condensates when the hatch of the tank is opened, hydrocarbon gases and vapours are released into the atmosphere. These releases are invisible and can be a toxic mixture of various different gases and vapours.

When inhaled hydrocarbon gases can cause asphyxiation, narcosis, aspiration and cardiac arrest. All of which, can be fatal. Even small amounts of exposure or a quick removal from the situation can lead to damage and long-term health problems.

Falling From Heights
Many tanks require access via climbing ladders or stairs, and this presents another set of risks when carrying out activities. Inclement weather, bad lighting or other environmental obstacles can make accessibility difficult and slips and falls more likely.

As mentioned above, if a worker does inhale hydrocarbon gases this can also lead to unconsciousness which can cause a fall. While the correct PPE can prevent or reduce injury from falls, the risk should not be discounted.

How To Mitigate The Risks

Advancements in technology mean that manual tank gauging can be replaced with the implementation of an automatic tank gauge. These electronic devices give real-time data, allowing businesses to get on demand readings without human interference.

Automatic tank gauges save employees from the dangers of manual readings and can help allocate their time to other operations which will also improve overall productivity.

One of the main drawbacks which businesses use to dismiss automatic tank gauges is that they are ‘too costly’, however employee safety should never be sacrificed.

Make The Switch Today

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