The Benefits Of FuelGuard For Bulk Liquid Storage

Large storage tanks for liquids are a staple in businesses industry-wide, which is why it is worthwhile to invest in the latest tank gauging technology to keep them updated and have the latest features. By upgrading your system with FuelGuard you can benefit from remote cloud monitoring and superior liquid stock management to boost your operations.

FuelGuard is the perfect monitoring system for tanks that are used to store:

  • Oil
  • Petrol & Diesel
  • Beverages
  • Chemicals
  • Water

Here are the ways in which FuelGuard will improve your liquid storage:

Enhances Protection Against Theft and Leaks

The loss of product through theft or leaks can cost your business both money and assets; without a sufficient measurement system, these incidents can go unnoticed causing further damage. With FuelGuard you will be notified immediately if any unexplained movement in tank volume is identified which allows you to swiftly rectify the issue.

Provides On-demand Readings From Anywhere

If your business operates at multiple sites across the UK, then viewing your tank volume and ullage readings at the click of a button will provide ease of monitoring. FuelGuard has been expertly designed to facilitate multiple tanks across various sites. Being able to easily access real-time readings, will save you valuable time and effort.

Prevents Tanks From Reaching Critical Levels

Measurement is essential for both inventory control and safety. Knowing if your tank volume is close to a low level, allows you to prepare for any deliveries needed and knowing if a tank is too full prevents the dangers of overfilling. FuelGuard allows you to get highly accurate measurements using data technology, with indicators of whether your tank is OK, approaching critical or at a critical level.

Brings Your Monitoring Into The Future

For businesses that are still operating manual monitoring or outdated systems, FuelGuard is an opportunity to take advantage of the latest technology on offer. The user interface is designed to be easily accessed on a traditional desktop or mobile phone, with email or SMS volume alerts sent.

The Opportunity For Ongoing Support

FuelGuard has been developed by leading specialists in the petrochemical industry, offering a range of services which cover the supply, installation and maintenance of our fuel tank gauging systems and dipsticks. Take the stress out of keeping your tank gauging system and its monitoring up-to-date by investing in our experience-led services.

To see an example of how FuelGuard helped transform a customer’s tank gauging system and monitoring process, view our Certas Energy case study here.

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