The Cost Benefits of an Automatic Tank Gauge

Technological innovations can often be the key strategy to not only optimising operations, but also to help cut business costs and improve your overall bottom line. One advancement that has revolutionised storage in the petrochemical, waste and water industries and more is the automatic tank gauge.

For businesses that utilise storage tanks, installing an automatic tank gauge (ATG) has many financial benefits. Once initial installation costs are out of the way, you can benefit from advanced wet stock management through the following ways:

Reduced Risk of Theft

Theft from storage tanks, particularly fuel theft, is an all too real threat with criminals targeting businesses of all types and finding new ways to siphon stock. Most thefts occur when a facility is closed, meaning that many business owners find out about the theft after it has happened and their tank is compromised.

With FuelGuard, when an unexpected loss of product is identified an instant alert is issued and an alarm raised. This allows business owners to act swiftly and deter criminals, preventing the potential costly repercussions of stock theft.

Heightened Leak Protection

Another major cause of pricy product losses is leaks which can occur for a multitude of reasons. While tank damage can often be unpreventable, an unnoticed leak can cause financial losses through:

  • The loss of valuable product
  • The slowdown of business transactions with customers
  • Expensive clean-up costs
  • Environmental fines and penalties – which have been known to reach millions if large amounts of hazardous substances enter the local environment

An ATG system helps your business stay proactive and will notify you when there is an unexplained reduction in your tank volume, providing the ultimate peace of mind!

Improved Financial Planning

One of the main advantages of automatic tank gauges is the enhanced accuracy that they provide, especially when compared to manual measurements which are often susceptible to human error.

The precise measurements and reports that you receive when you invest in an ATG system are great for financial planning and determining accurate expenses, evaluating contracts and allocating resources.

Better Time Allocation

Manual tank gauging can often be time consuming and not only this, but tank readings can often take longer to reach managers. By switching to an automatic tank gauge you can allocate your employees time more efficiently.

Alongside quicker readings and the ability to make faster business decisions, you can also save on admin time and focus your on-site personnel on more value-added tasks. Both of these factors can in turn contribute positively to your company’s net income.

Start Saving In 2024

If one or more of the above considerations are of interest to your business, then implementing an automatic tank gauge is the way forward! Here at FuelGuard, we supply and install a range of Veeder-Root fuel management systems complete with elite remote cloud monitoring.

To kick start your journey towards optimised tank storage, contact our team here and we can discuss the best options for your site.