Upgrading from TLS350 to TLS450

The benefits of upgrading:


The TLS-450PLUS provides a wide range of connectivity options for accessing and managing critical data, ensuring you always know what is going on with your fueling assets.

Enhanced Security

Greater connectivity needs greater protection and the TLS-450PLUS provides the security needed for today’s connected world.

Total Cost of Ownership

The TLS-450PLUS console provides an expanded, advanced feature set at a lower price point than the TLS-350 console without needing to replace your probes or sensors.

Expanded Capability

The TLS-450PLUS is designed to be a platform for the future, incorporating frequent software updates and is expandable as your business grows.


Whether you need to remotely access or configure your tank gauge from a computer, or you want to check fuel inventories, alarms or more from your cell phone or tablet, the connectivity features needed to get the job done come standard, exclusively on the TLS-450PLUS and TLS4 series tank gauges.

Web-Enabled Interface
Modify configuration & programming, including:
Print wet stock management and compliance reports.
Set up email notifications for alarms and reports.
Establish automatic events scheduled to your business needs.

Enhanced Security

The TLS-450PLUS has a variety of enhanced features compared to the TLS-350PLUS:

Isolated Networks: Separation of insecure data from secure data.

Encrypted Web Access: Using secure HTTPS connectivity with username/password.

Encrypted Serial Access: Serial commands can run over a secure interface with SSH.

Role-Based Access: User access to console functionality is controlled with roles.

Front Panel Access: Control access to the console by user log in.

Network Routing: Fully control data routing with the network including dropping data.

Total cost of ownership

Protect your investment & extend your warranty

Upgrading to the TLS-450PLUS automatically extends the warranty of your probes and sensors for the duration of the warranty on your new console. Significant labor savings can be gained with the TLS-450PLUS in comparison with the TLS-350, from the use of features like remote configuration, remote connectivity, automatic event notifications and more. The TLS-450PLUS helps reduce downtime by ensuring you have real-time access to everything you need to keep your station in top condition.

Save money by upgrading to the TLS-450PLUS

Equipment cost savings£
Remote troubleshooting and configuration£
Probe and sensor warranty extension££
Remote software download££
Free monthly software upgrades£££
Reduced downtime due to real time access to data££££

Expanded Capability

Features improved on the TLS-450PLUS include:

  • Digital Pressurized Line Leak Detection (DPLLD)
    The line volume expansion of DPLLD for the TLS-450PLUS provides advanced line leak detection to meet the capacity of growing fuel sites, now certified up to 1,178 gallons of capacity. The DPLLD equipment performs a 3.0 gph line leak test following each dispense. With the proper software enhancement feature installed, the DPLLD equipment will also perform 0.2 and/or 0.1 gph line tests to meet your regulatory needs, eliminating the need for separate annual line leak testing.
  • AccuChart™
    Our third generation AccuChart™ utilizes enhanced geometric tank chart modeling for the TLS-450PLUS with optional restricted calibration range to perform calibration. Chart volumes are calculated using adjustable geometry parameters: diameter, capacity, end shape, tilt and probe offset. Completed charts are established more quickly and with higher accuracy from a limited amount of data
  • Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR)
    BIR on the TLS-450PLUS has been enhanced for your custom reconciliation needs and meets federal, state, or local requirements. It includes automated reporting on:
    - Throughput thresholds
    - Delivery thresholds
    - Capacity thresholds
    - Custom thresholds

Additional Features include:

  • DEF Recirculation
  • Intelligent Pump Control
  • Enhanced Encryption Methods
  • Free Software Upgrades
  • Email Notifications
  • Custom Alarms
  • Three Ethernet Ports Standard
  • Centralized Device Management
  • Built-in Datalogger
  • Data Backup and Storage
  • Timed Sudden Loss